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How do I get started? 

Planable allows you to quickly create social media posts and gather instant feedback from your teammates or clients. Once you’re ready to get started, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account and create a workspace by clicking ”Add workspace”. Name your workspace and then connect a page you manage on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

2. Invite your teammates or clients to collaborate on posts.

3. Once the post is ready, you can schedule or publish it immediately to your social media account. 

What is a workspace?

We call workspace, a place where you manage all of your correlated social media accounts. If you have a multiple pages under the same legal entity, company or brand, just connect them in one single workspace and you will have the access to several social network pages of the same company or related companies to each other. In a workspace you can create, schedule or publish your posts. 

You can connect unlimited number of social accounts in your workspace. 

Is there a limit on number of workspaces? 

Free users can create up to 3 workspaces. In order to add more than 3 workspaces you need to upgrade your account to Premium.

Does Planable work with all social networks? 

For now only Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are integrated in Planable. In the near future we plan to also integrate LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. 

How many social accounts can I add? 

You may add as many social accounts as you like per single workspace. Feel free to connect your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. 

What kind of content can I use in Planable?

In a post you can add text, upload an image, GIF or video, post a link to your blog or website, share a Youtube or Vimeo video. The acceptable formats for images are JPG and PNG up to 10MB per file. 

Also you can add videos in MP4 format up to 1GB. 

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